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Web & Social News of Tailents Collected by the "PRATIBHA EXPERT TEAM" of the organisation.
Dear friends, Teachers, Students & The Parrents,
         Pratibha Khoj Khabar (PKK) is a major and very auspious Project of Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Trust (RGVT). Although RGVT has several such a projects but among of them PKK is the crown of the organisation. Beacuse, It is the system that gives you a very lotomous opportunity to the students and the peolple entire country and abroad too. Its target is that in the comong age, will make a lot of person to produce the GDP rate over the world.
         At presnt, ninety percent and above students have no clear aim to find that. All of them studying aimless and hopeless. It is why, it is the reason of unemployment, it is the reason to be crowd in any types of competitive examinations. It is the reason of marking high & it is the reason of frustation of the students, guardians and the society too. All are continuously suffer involuntarilly on his/her path. Atlast, they find very tiredness, they begin to feel very helplessness and they begin to tell about the curruption comeditily.
         But don't mind now RGVT is with you. Just sign our PKK project, be redy to make a aim, achieve your goal and become the crown of the country and enjoy yourselves.
         Because, PKK grants you a solid opportunity according to your desiration. You shall get any kinds of activities that you want to do. Either that is Education, Game, Science, Music, Dance, Arts, fine Art, Craft, Technologies and so on or the most precious knowledge of Self Confidence.
         PKK organise a district level Pratibha Test Examination (PTE) with a very reliable examination fees. The PTE conducted in different Charan in a district. In a Charan only two thousand participants can be appear and out of target will be submitted in Second Charan. Thus, PTE held in many charans in a district according to participating of the participants.
         After the completion of the examination result has been declared within thirty days and rewads distributed within fifteen days from the declaration of results. In this projection threr are five hundred and twenty five rewards distributed among the Pratham Charan participants.
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