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A Concept for Mind Development & Mid Brain Activation
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About Scientific Education Point "SEP"
Scientific Education Point is a project/unit of Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Trust (RGVT), New Delhi. Infact, it is a "Hunar Development Programe" that makes extra ordiniary to a general child too. This project has been created on the basic thoughts of science, music therapy, brain exercise & Meditation for the development of child mind, beacause a developed child is the best future of a developed entire nation. The origin aim of "SEP" is to improve the mind of child to be a highly potential person who might give the highly assurance to our country. For this, a course has been designed by the organisation named "Mid Brain Activation Course". this course has been designed on three terms as short terms, normal terms and long terms. Every terms have taken a specified duration as prefered by courses. Thesedays USA, Australia, Briten, Jermany, Rusia, Japan and so on developed countries has been started this programe by the research and growing very fast. But in the ancient or initial history of India has been fully covered by the zenetic knowledge of "cells and organs". All the scientist of above countries indicates about the knowledge of ancient India near abour billions years before. The knowledge of "Third Eye", the knowledge of "Sahastrar" is the burning samples about it. This wisdom is known as "Prangyankala" in the begining history of India. It is sure that "Midbrain" is the scientific name of "Prangyankala" and it is no doubt that it make your child a "Super Genious". Swami Vivekanand said in Haward University in America that, "In your country tailor makes you jentleman, but in India our "Sanskaar" makes us a jentleman". it means Indian knowledge is not religious only but it is a universal knowledge for all. It is a very powerfull and thoughtfull message to Indians and others too. Indian sage was not a sages only they were a highly potentialed scientist, who searched it billions years before. Unfortunately, we says about the scientist of other country. No one can say about the ancient Maharshi (Scientist) of India. That is why, This the reason, the "SEP" gives us the best performance in the field of "Midbrain activation Course".
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