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इस पृष्ठ को हिंदी में देखने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें
Question 1 : Where is the MidBrain?
Answer : The MidBrain is located above the brain stem, at the center of the brain. The medical name for MidBrain is DIENCEPHALON.
Question 2 : Is there any Bad Effect on Brain?
Answer : After the brain activation, there is only good effects, no bad effects.
Question 3 : How MidBrain is Activated?
Answer : Future Vision has a system that is unique and original, invented by the research team after years of research. Games, Songs, Music and Sounds are part of the whole system. There are not religious activities during the activation - totally natural, physical scientific and spiritual. Meditation is used for his/her relaxation. Some Centres or companies doesn't use meditation, such is not safe side for the children. The class is filled with fun and happiness. So, most of children love to repeat the classes.
Question 4 : Is it "Third Eye"?
Answer : No, it is not "Third Eye". The ability to detect things by using the brain is different from the third eye. In fact, after the brain activation, a student can have "skin vision". That means he/she can read by touching with the hands or foot. If a person is "hearing dominant" he/she knows the color and number of a card by putting it near to the ear. If a person is "smell dominant" he/she can detect the numbers and colors by smelling. But, if it'll develop regularly, may be going in the process of "Third Eye".
Question 5 : How to start practicing?
Answer : The best is to have a secure and relaxing environment. Start off by deep breathing (10 times) because the brain needs a lot of oxygen to be maximized. Then blindfold him/her and start to use the super sensory perception to detect/sense things.
Question 6 : What should be done during the practice?
Answer : If your child says he/she is not able to see, then try touch, smell or listen to sense the colors on the flashcards. If your child is able to get many right answers, then get him/her to read, copy, draw, coloring etc. Then train your child to use other senses when the dominant (first one that he/she uses to sense the cards blindfolded) sensory is stable.
Question 7 : Why my child doesn't like to practice?
Answer : You need to find out the root problem and solve it. Sometimes parent hurt their child unknowingly.
Question 8 : Did I hurt my child unknowingly?
Answer : Some parents are blunt and loud. They easily hurt by accusing their child for cheating. If parents are doubtful, they need to solve their doubt rather than accusing him/her. Just gently ask whether their eyes are closed or not rather than accusing him/her of peeping.
Question 9 : If child refuses to practice?
Answer : Sometimes rewards are helpful. Some children need to do things in a group. Try to go to the center and practice with others.
Question 10 : What should be done in long term?
Answer : When a child is stable, it is not necessary to use cards and so on to help him/her to practice. He/she can be just blindfolded and do any activity.
Question 11 : Can parents sit in the classroom?
Answer : Firstly, the students are distracted in the presence of the parents. Secondly, Future Vision has to reserve the copyright and to protect the intellectual property.
Question 12 : Is any improvement in studies after the course?
Answer : According to the Japanese researchers, the memory increases one million times after the brain is activated. A child shows improvement in studies and other activities as well.
Question 13 : How do you ensure no side-effects?
Answer : Japan has been conducting similar right-brain development Courses for more than 50 years. This has benefited lacs of students who have attended similar Courses since 2005. Right brain development has made them happier and smarter.
Question 14 : Any medical side-effects to this course?
Answer : None whatsoever. After the Course, the right brain (responsible for long-term memory) and other parts of the brain would have improved. There are only advantages to these courses.
Question 15 : What should be done after the course?
Answer : A happy heart is your child's destination. You must allow a 3 month period for stabilization, and during this time the child should practice more for better results.
Question 16 : How do few students see from behind?
Answer : All students do not acquire this ability. That is because their brain works like a radar sending signals to the brain. Many children use their skin to feel and identify a color and the number on cards.
Question 17 : Why are the children blindfolded?
Answer : During the Course, the initial aim of blindfolding is to enhance a child's concentration. We try to achieve this by disabling the sense of sight on which most people heavily depend. Blindfolding also helps sharpen the other senses.
Question 18 : Is the course theoretical?
Answer : Yes, renowned scientists across the world have come up with supporting theories. Many equipments are available these days to help measure and test brainwaves.
Question 19 : Is the course for adults?
Answer : Yes, but it is very difficult than a children.                   To know more click here.
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