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                 Vocational Training Camp (VTC) is a unit of Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Trust (RGVT). Thesedays there are several litterate or illitrate boys and girls, men and women are very helplessness in our country. They are searching a job or self employment without investment for his hand to mouth. But due to technical age they are very helplessness and faciing the curse of poverty. Therefore RGVT has been created a program of "Vocational Traing Camp" for the upliftment of litterate or illitrate unemployments.

                 In this "SEP" program, several vocational courses has been designed for the better career of the people. Every courses is like a stone of miles for thus people and have a power to threw far away to his/her poverty. Courses are : as Diploma in Tailoring, Beautician, Mehandi, Sweater Weaving, making Dolls and toys, to making incense sticks, to making surf and so on.

                 Thesedays beautician works is growing very fast in rural and urban areas both. So, there are a large scope in this field for an unemployment.

                 According to the survey by the expert of our organisation, it seemed out tha, there are many men and women who are very tallented in the field of tailoring and beautician and mehandi but they are living under the line of poverty. Because, they have no money to invest in his/her business and they haven't any concept for earning money with his tallents. They are fealing very helplessness themseleves.

                 For such tallents "VTC" is like a boon. Infact, our organisation is searching for such a tallents to give a large opportunity and by whoom the awareness and a concept of selfemployment will be stablished in the society by him/her.

                 Our organisaton takeup such tallents and give a short period training to start a business to him/her. A permanent Vocational Training Centre and three or six months Vocational Training Camp has been situated by the tallents. It becomes a business and a welfare program because very short amount has been taken by the learners. Infact, it's a maintanace amout to run a centre or camp.

                 The organisation gives some initially supports to run his/her camp or centres. The organisation also give free of cost membership and authorisation certificate and letter to start them who ia not able to pay or under the line of poverty. Otherways, organisation taken a contribution for authorisation with them who is able to promote. This kinds of contribution has been spend for such a person who is very poor.

                 Thus, we find that they became very happy with "VTC". In this way who is very labourious, able to earn a handsome money for his family life spending.

                 If you are such a tallented person and want to start the "VTC" program and live a smart life,

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    Service of a man is the service of God.

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