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Presently and future Computer Education is the most required skill for all, even for the youth as the world is fast turning into an automated world. How can anyone effort to say that Computer are not made for them ? Computer-literacy is necessary for all, whether he is a child or retired person or she is house wife, a self employed or even who�s working in any firm and industries. Computer Education is not optional in this modern age. It is a very necessary part of our life. Those who are not computer literate, are missing a great deal of joys and satisfactions. Just like a literate person feels confidence and as literacy opens a vista to the person, computer literacy makes a person grow in confidence to its peer group. Just you can not dream to see and visit if you do not have the journey of computer literacy.

            Today's Internet is necessary for a successful life and career. Computer literacy introduces all segments of people of the world of internet and enable them to link their lives and destiny with the global community and economy Internet opens all the information of the all sectors, whether that is social, cultural, personal, economic, political or what you want to accesses With a great investigation for the career of the students, a special package PGDCTT courses has been launched by the organisation. That, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Teacher�s Training course create a very fine IT teacher, because the PGDCTT have a great concept and syllabus which makes a well versed teachers with personality development. It provides a great scholarship of Rs. 3,000/- per month up to twelve months for learning high multimedia courses for a genius student. Having to fulfil the recent age, there are several jobs but not present a well versed computer trained teachers. Our PGDCTT course makes you a perfect teacher of IT sector. It contained the important computer courses as DCA, DTP, Tally, Hindi-English Typing, C, C++, VB, HTML, Spoken English and personality development which makes you a complete IT teacher according to the coming age.Today no businessman is successful without Internet support. A Computer literacy only can avail these facilities.

            That is why, 'Softech Revolution" Appeals all section of People to be Computer literate. You, all are Welcome in the premises of Softech Revolution. It is a project of Rashtriya Gramin Vikas Trust (RGVT), Registered Under Indian Trust Act, 1882, Govt of India and recognised by the Government of Delhi. The main theme of the organisation is to distribute the self employment and it will surely break down the fast growing unemployment. Softech Revolution will educate the rural people through easy and simple way and with emotionally and technically. The main theme of the organisation is to distribute the self employment and it will surely break down the fast growing unemployment. Softech Revolution will educate the rural people through easy and simple way and with emotionally and technically.

            Softech Revolution has organised a special programme to fulfill the dream concept of our former President Mahamahim Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, �INDIA VISION 2020� that indiacates the revolution of Information Technology in rural areas as well as urban sectors. The Organisation is fully devoted to �India Vision 2020.�
            However, all the institutes concerning to the technology in India, are running their centrres to improve the wisdom of Information Technology but the number of Institutes provides their service in urban areas only. According to the survey of the organisation, not a single institute found in rural areas. Therefore, after a firm determination and by the help of this organisation, It has taken a oath to open the centres for the rural areas. Everyone in India is aware of the fact the development of the country depends on the development of villages. If the technology is spread over rural areas, surely we will find ourselves on the success of mountain. In the vision 2020, Mahamahim �Bharat Ratna� Kalam says, �India can�t be developed unless the rural areas will not be developed in technology specially in Bihar and Jharkhand first thereafter anywhere in India.

            To the upliftment of rural areas the organisation has been started to open a Computer Centre in every Panchayat named by "Kalam Computer Saksharta Kendra". Softech Revolution has not only the literacy programme but also it has some big and traditional projects that will be better for rural and urban both. Its project will surely be proved as a great evolution and revolution for the current education and the development of the career for all. On the basis survey done by it, it came to know that even who have passed his post graduate degree, has never seen a computer system and the utilization of internet and other necessary things related to technology. Even it is seen that some of them have no knowledge of operating the mobile properly. We are sure the step that has been taken by the organisation will sure be able omit this problem from the rural society. The organisation will sure to provide job after the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of the organisation. Such a programme started by RGVT first in India.
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Service of a man is the service of God.

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