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Kumar Shambhu Sharan
Director and Instructor
ETC WORLD is a transformed premier institute from English Teaching Centre and ETC COMPUTER CENTRE since 1998 that has been providing English language, Computer Education, Mid-Brain and Now, it is going to provide spiritual knowledge.Truly speaking, ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. History is the evident to it that a man has been learning something new when he is in problem or in harness. It is our difficulties which test our courage and the stamina to tolerate or to cope with difficulties. We always want to see ourselves in the top of the world. But, without struggle we cannot achieve any goal in this transient world. Man is very sensitive and weak internally but intentionally, he is very strong and stout. He has been called selfish by nature but what a man can do; no other creature can do it. By his internal strength of thinking, he is the master of the whole universe. Man has invented so many things for his convenience and as a result he is living in such a world, which is full of inventions. Among them, a computer has become an integral part of our life and it cannot be kept aside now. Our most of the works have been the slave of it and fully depended upon computer. The computer has fully changed the way of our life. It was the time when our problems had been solved by our traditional preceptors but now-a-days, we cannot consult them, we consult the internet and the internet gives us full satisfaction with 100% of result. Internet is, now, the preceptor of preceptors. In no time, we can have a glimpse of anything anywhere from surfing of the internet. I have a dream to see our country on the map of fully flourished province, and no doubt, our development of technology will surely show the way to fulfill this strong desire. As, we have been seeing for few decades that the future of the students are totally depended upon the private coaching and tuitions. By the fee of coaching and time setting is torturing the students and their guardians. The students of today want something new. They want to save money with time. For this great effort of students ‘ETC WORLD’ will be the milestone for them. If the students will join this First Online Coaching Centre – ‘ETC World’ Based on your current syllabus,surely the students as well as professionals will be benefited. They will save time and money also and they will be free to enjoy themselves with time freely. Here, there is no fix time to attend the coaching. If I get success in providing you English education based on syllabus with notes, structures, video tutorials and some useful links, further, I will provide to manage you science and math education as well. I also solicit some lecturers and professors as well as some qualified professionals to contact my site and try to provide me your teaching materials and videos links based on current syllabus for Bihar Board and CBSE students. I also solicit those professionals who are all-rounders in mathematics and reasoning, can provide me their materials and video tutorials. The efforts of them will bright the career of students of current generations. We are just living in competitive world. Whatever we want to get, we want it in no time. This is the requirement of coming generation. Everyone wants to live freely and out of tension. Each and every guardian especially the guardians of girls want to see their daughters in safety condition. The girls who study out of their native place have to face lots of problems during tuition time, walking time and going to attend their coaching classes. We are proud to some Indian sisters can bravely face the current time. Their courage to fight against the time is indeed praise-worthy but still they are not fully saved. Guardians of them are always in tense to think about their daughters. But, now, no fear, no matter of tense, our guardians and girls, boys who are living in villages, suffering from poverty, and all other students can join our online coaching – ‘ETC World’ and gain online education living at home, even at your playing time, doing your any other business or work. Here, no tension to leave any period of class. Student can repeat anything as per their wish and guardians can have a weekly reviews of their students from the online weekly result sheets. It is well known to all – ‘To make no mistakes is not the power of man’. Likewise, I feel so many mistakes may contain to my writings, my teaching tutorials, in my videos and in my site editing. I request the viewers that if they find any error to my site. Send me the full details with proof. I will try my best to amend my site with your useful advice. For the error finders will get the royalty 2% of my benefit of that month and the full details of them will be published on my site. I hope that the all intellectuals of the country, all respected viewers, learners, honorable error finders, lecturers, professors, professionals, may co-operate me to complete my mission with their important and useful advice. I shall be obliged myself forever of their great contributions and blessings. I shall have been always waiting for their blessings and acceptable advice. Thanks!
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राजेंद्र कॉलोनी नवगछिया में लगे योग शिविर में स्वामी आगमानंद जी महाराज के समक्ष "मिड ब्रेन एक्टिवेशन कोर्स" का प्रदर्शन करते हमारे संस्था द्वारा संचालित "साइंटिफिक एजुकेशन पॉइंट, नवगछिया" ETC WORLD के छात्र - कुमार लोकेश शरण , कृष्णम एवं छात्रा लौकी शरण


Class Status of Our Centre ETC World Situated at Corporate Office Naugachia Centre Director Kumar Shambhu Sharan Contact for All Computer Courses, English & Mid Brain Activation Courses

Computer Courses

All Kinds Of Coputer Courses
Tally with GST, PGDCTT etc.
English Classes

For Class XI, XII & B.A (Hons.)
Books, Grammar and
Spoken English etc.
Time Table

Basic : 7 A.M. to 8 A.M.
Tally : 8 A.M. to 9 A.M.
Programming : 8 A.M. to 9 A.M.
+2 ENGLISH (11th)

4 P.M. to 5 P.M.
5 P.M. to 6 P.M.
5 A.M. to 6 A.M.
6 A.M. to 7 A.M.

Time will Adjusted according to as Per The Choice Of Students.
Service of a man is the service of God.
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